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Tel 07780716215 for Exhibitions, Consultation, Design & Landscaping & Media enquiries.

We are a London based company with a dedicated team of Lepidopterists, Horticulturalists, Landscapers and RHS award - winning Designers. We have extensive first hand knowledge and passion for wildlife gardening, landscaping and butterflies. 

We provide Consultancy, build, design and solutions for worldwide exhibits  and clients and we've opened the 'Butterfly Jungles Experience &  Plant Centre' in the grounds of Hall Place in Bexley Kent.

ECO - FRIENDLY! We believe there is nothing more beautiful than a live healthy butterfly. We do not deal in any dead - stock and do not stock any products promoting dead butterflies. The days of pinning butterflies to boards is over and should stay that way!

With over 40 years experience of breeding tropical butterflies and setting up and running of large Butterfly Houses open to the public, Butterfly Jungles' founder Paul Allen has a string of successes under his belt including a 10.000 sq foot structure in Norfolk, one of the largest of its kind.

One of the highlights was while working at 'Long Street Butterfly Gardens' in Norfolk, we bred Green Birdwing butterflies successfully for the first time ever in the UK. We put that success down to our attention to detail from design up incorporating the very high ceilings which encouraged spectacular courtship displays.

No job is too big or small anything from small home greenhouses to Schools, Parks and large elaborate structures open to the public. We've even created a mini rainforest with simulated sunlight inside a room in a Museum in the heart of London! We've made the 'impossible' possible! A full staff training and Consultancy service is available so plenty of aftercare once you're up and running.

We also cater for native species from landscaped ornamental plantings with butterflies in mind, 'Butterfly Jungles Sanctuaries, large walk - through netted structures open to the public to woodland, hedgerow and meadow  plantings of native plants to encourage butterflies and other wildlife  to breed and raise awareness, particularly invaluable to Schools when teaching on Conservation and biodiversity.